From safety to innovation!

Whether it's a new service or a new business, make sure to choose the most advanced technology.

  • Learn 3 treatments in 1 with the lash lift, the tinting and the lash botox Botulash.

  • Multiple curvature lifting pads to help you customize your clients lashes between lifted or curly.

  • Odorless for a service that is comfortable for your client and everyone around.

  • Without sodium bromate for an application safe for both client and technician.

  • An easy service to learn for a quick return on investment!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • A message from the co-founder !

    • What to expect

    • What will we cover?

    • Download your Student Book!

  • 2

    Welcome to your course!

    • Before we start...

  • 3

    Before the application

    • Lesson 1: What is Misenlift and who is it for?

    • Lesson 2: Consultation and medical conditions

    • Consultation form

    • Design form

  • 4

    The application

    • Lesson 3: Lash lift, lash tint and Botulash

    • Before we go any further

    • How to properly select your cushion type

    • Copy of Démonstration live Facebook

  • 5

    After the application...

    • Lesson 4: Recommandations and maintenance

    • Lesson 5: Good commercial practices

    • Poster to download

  • 6

    Next steps...

    • Before you go!

    • What did you think...

Your Misenlift training comes with

the most complete kit in the industry

1x Training booklet

1x Marketing poster

1x Downloadable consultation and design form

Misenlift Delux kit:

1x Lash shampoo and brush (75 ml) 

1x Balance 7 – Stabilizer (30 ml)

1x Pair of Sens patches 

1x Eyelash black tint (15 ml)

1x 3% Cream developer (100 ml) 

1x Tinting brush

1x Tint cup

15x Perm lotion n° 1 (1.5 ml)

15x Setting lotion n° 2 (1.5 ml) 

15x Nourishing lotion n° 3 (1.5 ml) 

1x Botulash® Eyelash treatment (15 ml) 

10x Lifting pad (S)

10x Lifting pad (M)

10x Lifting pad (L)

10x Curling pad (S)

10x Curling pad (M)

10x Curling pad (L)

1x Y Brush

1x Glue (5 ml)

125x Lint-free applicator

Discover the secrets of Misenlift

The new generation of lash Lift! A detailed training, a complete starter kit and an amazing marketing support, what more would you need?